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All of our products are sourced from a popular Cannabis Dispensary in a major Canadian City and have the same high quality and safety enjoyed by its patients. We offer fast and discreet Xpresspost delivery within 2-3 business days right to your home anywhere in Canada.


See our extensive inventory of premium products shipped quickly to your door.

Cannabis Remedies

Inform yourself about how medical cannabis can help you.

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Our Products

Our Products

Come with a money back guarantee and a shipping tracking number. Follow your package as it travels!

How to Order (FAQ)

Getting medical cannabis mailed directly to your door quickly and discreetly has never been easier.

1. SIGN UP or LOG IN at the My Account page.
2. Go to our Shop page and select your choices by adding them to your cart.
2. Submit your order.
4. We will email you with payment details and your order summary. Follow instructions on how to send e-Transfer payment.
5. Orders paid in full will be processed within 24 hours and receive Xpresspost shipping anywhere in Canada and a shipping tracking code will be sent to your email.
6. Feel the heal!

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